Thanks again from the Skybury Value Add Team.

As the Largest producer of Red Papaya in Australia, Skybury sought to expand on their product range and value add to their already highly popular Fruit.

Given the uniqueness of our papaya and its bold flavours, a Papaya Jam was just a natural progression for us as a company. Australia has very high food safety standards which can often seem very daunting for people wanting to venture in this direction.

This is where Mick from FNQ Food Incubator stepped in. He listened to what we envisioned and ran with the idea, guiding and supporting us along our exciting journey.

Always approachable and within easy reach when we had questions or needed reassurance. Mick at FNQ Food Incubators did a top-notch job in mentoring and supporting us. Not just us representing Skybury as a company, but as individuals.

This personalized level of service together with his modern User-Friendly facility has not only allowed us to produce a Jam well above our own expectations but will also see us returning as friends consistently well into the future. It was an absolute pleasure working with you Mick.