food  industry partners


Spanning a wide scope of insight and experience, our food industry partners have been chosen for their ability to deal with the real-world challenges and difficulties faced by food businesses of all shapes and sizes in the FNQ region.


These support services include:


  • One-to-one advice and mentorship with industry experts and mentors familiar with relevant areas of the food sector.

  • Technical support and training in relation to marketing, operations and product development, as well as assistance in terms of accessing expansion capital.



The Department of Agriculture & Fisheries (DAF) Food Technology group provides commercial technical consulting and research and development services to the Australian food industry.  The Food Technology group has offices in Brisbane, Cairns and Toowoomba.


The Cairns based team of food technologists and microbiologists are able to provide FNQ food producers, processors and other industry stakeholders with hands-on scientific advice and guidance on food product and process development.  Some core capabilities of the Cairns team include:


Interpreting and administering the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) Food Standards Code and other relevant industry codes of practices for food design, plant design, labelling and nutrition panel activities.


Advising and designing value-added product prototypes to meet specifications for composition, nutrient profile and sensory qualities


Devising appropriate testing protocol to establish quality standards, product safety and achievable shelf-life of food products


Interpretation and support of microbiological results, sampling plans and shelf-life assessment to establish scientifically correct ‘use by’ and/or ‘best before’ dates, onsite environmental monitoring, hygiene and safety, and rapid action in preventing and managing foodborne disease outbreaks.


As required the Cairns team can access the resources of the entire DAF Food group to call on to assist the Far North Queensland food sector needs.  This includes access to DAF’s Food Pilot Plant and associated expertise at the Health and Food Sciences Precinct in Brisbane, a state of the art facility designed specifically to service the needs of the food industry.  The facility allows Queensland food production and processing businesses to create new products or modify existing products, trial equipment, develop new or improved and cost-effective processes for retail and food service markets.

Advanced manufacturing incorporates niche market products and a range of activities from design and research and development (R&D), to production, distribution and after-sales services. It focuses not only on products but also on value-adding across the entire supply chain and includes:

  • collaborative R&D and design-led thinking

  • innovative business models and effective supply chain capabilities

  • the effective use of disruptive technologies and systems and cutting-edge materials

  • a focus on customisation and exports

  • world best practices and processes

  • new ways to manufacture existing products and the manufacture of new products

  • the provision of high value-added services and innovative solutions.