We know that food entrepreneurs have busy schedules and the traditional classroom style workshops are simply not feasible. So, we have gathered our network of food industry experts and designed an online learning portal to suit your work and life commitments that you can access whenever you’re ready. 

Our team – the smart squad of business advisors behind The FNQ Food Incubator – realised that it was time to dish-up a brand-new solution and are now offering free resources. You’ll find webinars on topics specific to what you need plus structured training programs for those of you that want to start, scale, or introduce a value-added product line that can be accessed where and when it suits you. 

No one wants to miss out on that next big food trend because they can’t commit to attending workshops, countless google searches and phone calls for advice. An inability to access the appropriate resources, frequently hinders the development of food SMEs. The FNQ Food Incubator provides the online resources, mentoring and practical support you’ll require to ensure you’re ready to deal with the real-world challenges and difficulties faced by food businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

Business Support Services 

Why go it alone? Growing and scaling your business in the ultra-competitive food and beverage sector is not easy. The FNQ Food Incubator is here to help by providing experienced mentors, qualified trainers, and serving up courses in free downloadable bites for every stage of your business journey. Even if you’re just starting out, our free resources allow you to scale and add value. 

Education and advising services are often delivered through a combination of one-on-one coaching, online group classes, workshops, and mentoring sessions. You’ll find blogs on each topic plus we’ll soon have a full 12-module curriculum for every avenue! 

We have developed a range of resources to identify the right growth avenues for your business, whether that’s tapping into new food trends, diversifying your product line, or entering new markets. 

You’ll discover how to: 

  • Navigate the red tape associated with all aspects of your food journey 

  • Implement a strategic plan to save time and money 

  • Make educated decisions for scaling your product line 

  • Manufacture your product with assistance from food industry experts at the Food Manufacturing Hub 

  • Put procedures in place to guarantee your food business success 

regulatory compliance

All food businesses must comply with food safety law, you may need to develop a Food Safety Program based on HACCP principles. We can assist with: 

  • Licensing & compliance

  • HACCP & food safety

  • Product/range development

  • Research & development (R&D)

business planning

By appointment and/or through group workshops, FNQ Food Incubator provides members with industry-specific customised business mentoring.

  • Business mentoring & planning

  • Creating a business plan

  • Sales & marketing strategy

  • Operations

  • Finance & insurance advice

manufacturing & logistics

Manufacturing on a larger scale and having to mass-produce your food product without compromising the taste or quality requires a food scientist or consultant, we can help with:

  • Recipe development

  • Product/range development

  • Packaging design

  • Manufacturing

  • Logistics & distribution advice

branding & marketing

Without the specifics of a carefully thought-out marketing strategy, any company business plan remains incomplete.

  • Marketing

  • Social media

  • PR & communications

  • Website development

  • Online branding

If you would like to explore having food industry experts come to you to do a customised workshop for your team, drop us a line! 




Gain traction and take control of your foodie dreams! No matter where you are in your food business, The FNQ Food Incubator gives you amazing tools that can save you dozens of hours per week, automate key marketing activities, enhance your bottom line, and save you time. 

All you really need to succeed are the tools of the trade. This fast-paced program is designed to scale consumer packaged goods food companies. The trick is knowing the right ones to use at the right stage so that you don’t end up with a stack of expensive, unused software that collects digital dust while you wait for your annual account to run its course. 

We are always on the lookout for new “tools of the trade” and will experiment with what works and what doesn’t, then report back to you with what you need when you need it to create a profitable business you’ll absolutely love.