build your food brand


We offer complete food solutions for your food retail or wholesale food product.


recipe development

Every great product begins with a great idea. Our team can assist in product development by scaling up your existing recipe or creating a completely original, innovative product for your company.


You will consult with our food technologists and microbiologists who will work along-side your company giving hands-on scientific advice and guidance on your food product and process development. They will help identify the direction of your brand, assist in developing new product offerings, and how to scale up to production run quantities. 

We will assist you to transition ‘in-house kitchen’ products to larger commercial-scale production meeting your wholesale or retail objectives. So as your business grows we can increase our production output for you. 

We also offer smaller minimum order quantities, to help you test and trial your product and ensure it is viable for your target market.


product manufacture

Once your recipe has been perfected and approved, we begin production.


Our custom-designed HACCP-certified facility. This is an internationally recognised system that ensures food safety by preventing hazards throughout the production process. We train all our team on good food manufacturing practices, standard operating procedures, and product quality and consistency. This training is part of our HACCP certification process which means it is regularly reviewed and updated.

Our facility is designed for expansion and access to additional equipment so we can scale for growth when you do.


packaging & labelling

Once your recipe development and product manufacturing are complete we then hand you over to our creative team to work with you to deliver the best packing solutions.


Drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge of current packaging trends we help SME's select efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions for their product range.


Our team will work with you to define your product positioning, logo, brand and develop a brand with innovative packaging and label design.

Our team is well-versed in providing nutritional analysis, label review, and development, regulatory compliance, and printing. and we can organise for your products will be ready to hit shelves when they leave our facility.

We want to see you create, innovate and accelerate you food idea and have the option of three packages you can choose from that include what every food entrepreneur needs: marketing, branding, packaging and of course manufacturing your product!